Yokohama tyre dealers

Yokohama tyre company profile:

  • This company is basically japan based company whose manufacturing unit is now available in India also like many other countries.
  • Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd is basically a rubber manufacturing company of Tokyo, Japan based, which uses own rubber in tyres.
  • This company is initially started on 13 of October 1917 as a rubber manufacturer but later on started own tyres.
  • Initially Yokohama Company was a joint venture of two different companies Yokohama cable manufacturing company and B F Goodrich Company.
  • In 1969 Yokohama started their production of rubber and tyres in U S by the name of Yokohama Tyre Corporation.
  • This Yokohama rubber and tyre manufacturing company was first started their own commercial production plant in India at Bahadurgarh (Haryana).

Yokohama tyre supplies by us in Noida:

  • We always maintain a very big collection of Yokohama tyre for all type of vehicles which is our permanent practices.
  • For different vehicle of many other brands has much different size of the wheels which is seriously focused by Yokohama.
  • The life of tyre much affected by their fitting with rim because friction rises when it has not good fitting.
  • So rim fitting by tyre is a most important fact as imperfect fitting could be the cause of tyre burst.
  • We always advise to the customers for Yokohama tyre by analyzing all the features that should be contained in tyres.

Environment impact on tyres life:

  • The technology using by Yokohama is much different with all other tyre brands as the tyres running life and performance.
  • Our tyres of all category is weather compatible since the temperature of Noida is greater than most of other cities.
  • All type of Yokohama tyre has same conditions and running status on the hot road and road which contains water.
  • The slipping probability on wet road is also controlled in Yokohama tyres because it has been manufactured environmental compatible.
  • For racing cars with realistic and most efficient quality with balanced resistive characteristics are only the tyre manufactured by Yokohama?
  • Yokohama uses their own manufactured rubber in the tyre which always of perfect quality according to their environmental conditions and prices.
  • Yokohama’s economic price range tyres are also much reliable and have very good performance for all type of vehicles.

Now you may search Yokohama tyre dealers in Noida, surely will come to our showroom finally as we provide best products.


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