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About Yokohama Tyre:

  • Yokohama tyre manufacturing company is one of the best brands of the tyre which provide all ranges for each vehicle.
  • Yokohama Company provides tyres for all types of vehicles like two wheelers, four wheelers, heavy vehicles like truck, busses etc.
  • This company has the ranges of tubeless and with tube tyres compatible with all companies and any type of vehicle.
  • Material using to make the tyres is pure and their technology is much enhanced so that mostly likes by the user.
  • There are so many factors and qualities which are pointed out bellow by which Yokohama is different from other tyres.

Tyres quality of Yokohama is much better than others:

  • Level of Yokohama tyre is not comparable with others brand tyres as its used material and technology each is unique.
  • These tyres run on the road with very high griping so that it facilitate in making balance when moving fast.
  • Its griping is very high because outer surface design of the tyre is targeted to the particular problem like slipping.
  • Tyre’s griping also depends upon the attraction by the tyre on the road which may cause to increase/decrease of griping.
  • Surface design of Yokohama tyre is also brad and hard so that its life and adhesion force both gets increased.
  • Heat generation is very common issue and especially for the racing vehicles, Yokohama worked on this to reduce the problem.
  • High resistance produces much heat since it produces friction between road and tyre which converts work energy into heat energy.
  • Not tightly fitting of the tyre is also the result of increase friction which overcomes by the Yokohama tyre company.

Our Services in Noida:

  • Yokohama Tyre Company is a most trusted company in the market; we are also an important part of this chain.
  • Yokohama in Noida is very successful tyre company as the change in temperature and whether of Noida is not fixed.
  • Being a best service provider, our service center gets a very high rating by the customers which increases our confidence.
  • Since we are an experienced dealer and working with the customers for forecasting so they always are happy with us.
  • We always contain a huge collection brand new and each budget of Yokohama tyre for all type of the vehicles.

Therefore Yokohama in Noida is the best tyre for each type of vehicle and you may get at our showroom.

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