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A big collection is needed to choose best one for your vehicle:

  • The collection of variety of product facilitates to choose best one for your vehicle within the size of your budget.
  • We always maintain a very big collection of Yokohama tyre for all type of vehicles at our showroom in Noida.
  • The size and fitting of the tyre in the wheels is different in many various brand of vehicles manufacturing companies.
  • Many problems are being generated in the wheels of car when fitting of tyre in wheel is not exactly fit.
  • As a result the resistance in tyre increases when it running fast and may the reason of decreasing their life.
  • Now tyre’s fitting is most important issue as imperfect fitting could be cause of tyre burst and damage the vehicle.
  • By analyzing many brands and all type of tyres we always suggest to Yokohama tyre for best of your vehicle.
  • We welcome all budget customers at our showroom in Noida to get best Yokohama tyre at our showroom in Noida.

Company History:

  • A Tokyo, Japan based Tyre Company, whose name is Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd was started on 13 of October 1917.
  • Initially this was a joint venture of two different companies Yokohama cable manufacturing company and B F Goodrich Company Ltd.
  • In the way of company’s expansion, in 1969 it started in U S by the name of Yokohama Tyre Corporation.
  • The Yokohama tyre manufacturing company was first started their regular commercial production plant in India at Bahadurgarh situated in Haryana.
  • After the establishment of their commercial production unit in India, their supplies in India are being much easy and profitable.

Best tyre for Noida especially:

  • The technology use by Yokohama tyre manufacturing company is latest and environment friendly so their product is best for Noida.
  • All Yokohama tyres are compatible with all weather since the temperature of Noida is greater than most of other cities.
  • There is no much difference in comfort motion of the Yokohama tyre is on hot road and on wet water.
  • Yokohama controls their slipping problem on wet road because except rainy season, roads are wet in winters and summer morning.
  • Yokohama tyres can easily face every challenge for racing cars with realistic and most efficient quality with balanced resistive characteristics.

So your decision to choose Yokohama in Noida is always best because Yokohama tyre in Noida is only the perfect tyre.

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