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Yokohama tyre is most famous brand by the vehicles owner as well as drivers due to providing a comfort journey. Yokohama tyre provides the long life other than keeping safe from accidents with a proper managed controlling system on running. This brand provides a long range of tyres which can be fit in every budget and fulfills the requirements also. These tyres are perfect for your both racing and private cars and bikes, to make you happy and safe journey.

Our showroom contains quality products:

Yokohama provide good quality product in all aspects like high performance, long life and mileage. Our showroom has quality oriented tyres with efficient friction that controls the rubbing of their upper surface by the road. Stock of my showroom is always full with variety of Yokohama tyres so you can find every range of tyres.

Smooth motion on wet road:

  • Due to water molecules on road, inter atomic distance increases because liquid’s atomic distance is more than that of solid.
  • On wet road there is some water molecules on road so that some water molecules are distributed over the road.
  • Also some water molecules present between road and tyre which means distance between road and tyre molecules goes to increase.
  • As a result slipping probability increases because effect of adhesive force is nearly neglected and attraction between them becomes less.
  • Wet road also have dust and dirt particles mixed in water so griping of tyre on road goes to reduce.

Yokohama’s Friction:

  • Friction generation depends on the motion of wheels on road, road applies an opposite force of the surface of wheels.
  • Friction also depends on surface area of tyre touched to the surface of road, greater area touched lager the friction.
  • Elasticity also a factor of friction which affects rolling friction as it is high then friction also gets to high.
  • Another important factor is temperature of the road as due to high temperature, collision among the medium particles is increases.
  • Friction between tyre and the road is also increase when vibrations and collisions of particles of road and tyre increase.
  • The road quality also plays an important role in friction generation as degree of adhesive force between road and tyre.
  • Heating problem of the tyre becomes very high in most of the tyre when running in summer season.

So we are one of the best Yokohama tyre dealers in Noida with great collection of quality and economic tyres.

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