Tyre of imported and high speed car has specific quality as their design and technology in comparison to normal vehicles. In case of heavy and speedy cars with high performance and fast moving in every whether should have brad surface. High performance means we need to focus of their break performance and balance maintaining compatibility on moving fast and slow.

A good collection of Yokohama tyre for various models of BMW are challenging task that maintains by us in Noida. Yokohama tyres are very suitable for heavy weight car like BMW with brad tyre area and high griping on road. There are so many showrooms but for best Yokohama tyre for BMW in Noida, you have to contact us once.

Some of their specifications described here which may cause to make a good and safe ride on your BMW car.

  • Rubber and metal used in Yokohama tyre is very good so the quality and reliability of the tyre is maintained.
  • Increasing of random motion of molecules inside the tyre depends upon the increase of air temperature which comes from outside.
  • Covering of rim by the tyre is very accurate so that there are no options of corrosion on rim’s metal.
  • Rubber using by Yokohama Company is perfectly insulating so that it avoid the heat production and flow in the tyre.
  • Griping of the tyre with the road is perfect so that breaking performance gets increases and facilitating in fast running.
  • Since Yokohama tyre is purely insulating then heat generated by the friction cannot transfer from outside to inside of tyre.

BMW specific Design:

  • As everyone knows about the concept that pressure on the road will decrease by increasing the area of the tyre.
  • So pressure on road decreases when using tyre with a brad surface area and then fuel consumption also gets reduces.
  • We need to use brad tyre for vehicles like BMW because it’s all model’s having high speed with high pick-up.
  • Brad surface of the tyre also may the reason of safe driving by providing a proper resistance generated by break.
  • There are so many type of road as the area around where it belongs that affect directly to the tyre.

You may come once on our showroom and give chance to getting technologically strong Yokohama tyre for BMW in Noida.

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