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Yokohama step – by – step:

  • Initially Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd was a Tokyo, Japan based rubber manufacturing company, which started the tyre manufacturing later on.
  • The company is started on 13 of October 1917 as a rubber manufacturing company but later on started own tyres.
  • Initially this Company was a joint venture of two different companies B F Goodrich Company and Yokohama cable manufacturing company.
  • Basically this is a japan based company whose manufacturing unit is now available in India also like many different countries.
  • Yokohama started their own production of rubber and tyres in US in 1969 by the name of Yokohama Tyre Corporation.
  • The Yokohama rubber and tyre manufacturing company was started their own commercial production plant in India first at Bahadurgarh (Haryana).
  • Now it delivers the variety of Yokohama tyre all over India from their Indian production unit present in Bahadurgarh (Haryana).

Quality production of the tyre:

  • Its technology is much different with all other tyre brands which impact goes directly to the tyres life and performance.
  • Yokohama tyres are weather compatible of all the categories, since the temperature of Noida is greater than the other cities.
  • Each categories Yokohama tyre contains same conditions and running status on the hot road and road which contains water also.
  • The slipping problem on watered road is also overcome in Yokohama tyres because it has been manufactured as environment friendly.
  • This company uses its own manufactured rubber in all tyre which always of perfect quality according to their environmental conditions.
  • Its economic tyres are also very much reliable and give a very good performance in all type of the vehicles.

We always contain a great stock of Yokohama tyre in Noida:

  • Stock of Yokohama tyre always maintained at our showroom in Noida with big collection of all type of Yokohama tyre.
  • Different vehicle of many other brands has much different size of the wheels which is seriously focused by Yokohama Company.
  • The fitting of tyre with rim gives a serious impact on the tyres life because much friction rises with this.
  • Since imperfect fitting could be the cause of tyre burst due to their heat generation and flow on the tyre.
  • Customers always should choose the Yokohama tyre as it’s our analysis that Yokohama contains all the features needed for tyres.

Therefore you should choose the Yokohama tyre in Noida for the best performance and long life of your vehicle.

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