yokohama tyre in noida

A Supplier for a premium tyre for a wide range of vehicle categories, the Yokohama Tyre Dealers In Noida has been adopted around India in the automotive industry as the original equipment.



  • Amazing traction and stability in off-road
  • Anti-wear on-road and anti-chipping off-road

M / T has everything in it: frightened by looking good, powerful, proven performance and excellent traction in all kind of condition road, jagged rocks, muddy trails and desert sand.

GEOLANDAR M/T features the following:-

  • The new Geo-Shield construction of Yokohama, which includes multiple sidewall plies, steel belt, a full nylon cap and a high turn-up carcass in the design.
  • A feature of the long-lasting tread, a new, high-density compound and a wide, flat profile “which create the performance of extraordinary wear.”
  • Outstanding performance in dry, wet and mud road, the result of a third-polymer tread compound combined with customized sips and an ideal block for zero ratios.
  • Provide a quieter ride on the road, due to the advanced variable pitch tread on this tyre give a quiet ride on simple and highway. These all things help to maintain off-road performance.
  • An aggressive Sidewall Armor design of M/T that not only provides off-road traction and protection from damage but also create a bold and new look.

The Worth Of Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing

At the point when a wheel isn’t legitimately balanced, it will result in a vibration that can be experienced in the controlling wheel or seat. On the contrary, when a wheel isn’t appropriately aligned, it can result in serious tire wear along controlling issues. Therefore, both wheel arrangement and wheel balancing are imperative for an ideal ride and handling. Obtain complete services in Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing via Yokohama In Noida.

Let’s understand both automotive maintenance terminologies (aka Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing) in some detail:

Wheel Alignment:-

The basic knowledge of the wheel alignment states to adjust the angles of the wheels so that they are parallel to each other and remain vertical on the ground. Well, there are many other important situations in which you need to check wheel alignment such as setting new tires or new suspension, or when you discern strange tyre wear.

When Is Wheel Alignment Needed?

Wheel alignment is an essential requirement for adjusting various suspension components and measuring complex suspension angles. In fact, changing the suspension can have a great effect on the vehicle’s handling capacity and result in irregular tyre wear. Therefore, to prevent extreme tire wear, steering or tracking problems, make sure that the parts affecting the alignment are properly inspected.

Wheels balancing:-

When your vehicle’s wheels are not properly balanced, it can damage your vehicle’s tires as fast and wear shock absorbers, flaunt and steering components of your vehicle quickly. This is the reason why it is very important for your vehicle to have the right wheel balance at all times, otherwise, it will affect the overall performance of your vehicle and may increase the wheel-bearing cost.

How Wheel Balancing Works For Better Performance

To properly balance the wheels, the weight of your car wheels should be equally balanced so that it can provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride and reduce the chances of wearing tires prematurely.

When the wheel isn’t appropriately aligned, then when you accelerate the vehicle, it will give a wobbly effect, which can be felt in the steering wheel and seat. Unaligned wheels can cause excessive tire wear, and steering or tracking problems.

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